Saturday, April 28, 2012

IV CPC Rank Pay Case:Next Hearing

The next date of hearing has been scheduled for 04 Sept 2012 as per court order of the day.


-- said...

That was already posted on the previous post.

Is RDOA afraid to take members into confidence why its cannot/does not ensure SG's presence, because SG was in another case - please see Satty's Corner on RDOA's previous post.

Why is RDOA, of which we are members, not wanting to take up why the UoI/MoD and SG are apparently ensuring that the SG does not be on his legs in this case?

-- said...

A sobering thought for all of us reading these posts - for the officials and members as well as non-members of the RDOA - is that unless we stand up and express our thoughts and feelings, nobody that determines our fate will know how we wait and have suffered since 2005 when Maj Dhanapalan was paid his arrears.

Armed Forces officers are trained to fight and win in a limited time frame with the resources provided.

We have also, thanks to posts on this blog and comments of Majors (retd) Dhanapalan and Navdeep Singh, learnt legal terms - settled in law, on his legs, ex parte, etc etc.

A little improvement in knowledge fuels greater expectations that those qualified in the legal field and the officials of the RDOA who are in the forefront of the fight will take to all means - legal, publicity etc - to bring a quick closure.

This expectation is enhanced by the periodic morale boosting from RDOA - positively the order of 8.3.2010 and certain observations by the Court mentioned in some posts.

Therefore, those of us who write (and, I presume, are irritating to the RDOA's official and legal team) are lay persons are making suggestions and posting information on this blog taken from the internet.

What must be in the minds of many of us is, how many more of us will be alive to see the SG and the recalcitrant UoI/MoD facilitate an early final disposal

Harry said...
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Dhoop said...

I think in their hurry to post first and reason later, some commentators might have missed the point that SG being on his legs means that he is engaged in a case elsewhere.

He could not appear last time because he was on his legs as RDOA had explained so nicely in the previous blog post.

Hoping for SG to be on his legs on 4th Sep would clearly mean hoping for SG not to be available for the RDOA case.

Instead of saying "Amen" to that, the sensible response would be "Heaven forbid!". :-/

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Know it is the blog onwers' right to decide what will appear but did that comment from Aerial View deserve the hatchet?

I thought it brought out some relevant points - but that is one side of the picture. Blog owners do not agree is another side.

Brig AK ANAND said...

This Case has become a joke. We have a very senior Advocate working on our case and yet he can not find some way by which we can be secured a Judgement without further delay. And now RDOA IS PLANNING TO ASK MEMBERS TO SHELL-OUT ANOTHER Rs 1000 per member to continue the fight. I suggest we bring this inordinate delay to the notice of CJI AND SEEK HIS INTERVENTION. 21/2 YEARS IS LONG ENOUGH TIME FOR ANY BENCH TO REVIEW ITS JUDGEMENT !!! brig (retd)A.K.ANAND