Monday, March 24, 2014

Voting Rights for Defence Pers

In a petition on Voting Rights for Defence Persons the Supreme Court has passed orders that 'In peace Stations the defence personnel can vote at their place of posting'.
The court also set aside the ruling of EC that the minimum period required for posting is three years. As per the court anyone who has been in stn on 1/1/2014 is entitled to cast vote. MoD and ECI were against  the proposal.

During the discussion held with EC Mr Brahma under the ageis of Mr Rajeev Chandrasekhar MP, on the subject issue, RDOA had recommended strongly that defence persons posted in peace areas must be allowed to vote at their place of posting. RDOA commends the efforts of Mr R Chandrasekhar MP Rajya Sabha to this effect.

An article on this issue is also posted on the BlogSpot of harmed forces. Pse go through it. harmedforces.blogspot.inVoting Rights for Defence 


yogesh said...

This is a golden opportunity for all Armed Forces personnel. Pls make n attempt to vote n be a contributor in governance.
Slowly n steadily we shall be heard as in our country only those who vote r heard while others just debate n r armchair hunters.

ramesh sharma said...

A very good directions by the apex court. This will compel the policy makers to heed to our needs also.

Dasila said...

Would this interim order of the HSC be effective for this LS election ?
I doubt because last date for submission of Form 6 was 12 March 14. Can some one elaborate on this pl.

Taaza Khabar said...

Funny MoD says Armed Forces personnel can take leave and go to vote in their constituencies!

Army, Navy, Air Force on leave till May 14 & MoD with its efficiency will guard India's borders?

Maj R P Sehgal said...

Let us all,at least we veterans, vote for Ex-servicemen candidates or the ones who would support and speak for our cause, so that long and always neglected lots who fight and sacrifice to defend the country at all times without any question asked. Let us forget party affiliations and vow to elect well wishers and not the ones who only speak and do little.