Friday, May 2, 2014

SC Rejects Curative Petition

It is informed that a five judge bench of the SC rejected the Curative Petition filed by UOI against pensioners for payment of minimum guaranteed pension with effect from 01/01/2006 which was paid from 24 Sept 2012.

Now all avenues exhausted. UOI has no option but to comply and pay pension wef 01/01/2006.


Ravi Rao said...


ramesh sharma said...

Wonderful!It is a great achievement .I sincerely hope other issues are also sorted out soon.Thanks for the update RDOA.

Vinod Sud said...

What next, Dear GOI? Sort out just a part of one of the endless scams you presided over, you won't see any necessity of contesting the just claims of ex-soldiers. Or else, you could also pass legislation/TWEAK THE CONSTITUTION to override SC verdicts uncomfortable for you and your Babudom. Choice is still there for you to make. But for once, make the right choice, say in the name of 10 yrs of your 'hard work' to bring us all to where we are today!

Usha Sharma said...

IT is a death nail for a very oppressive Govt

Red Indian Cowboy said...

How sad ?

lets all now start shedding crocodile tears!

Alok Asthana said...

So, GOI did file a curative petition! More than the financial loss over these years, what has been saddening me is my folly for having risked my life on orders of THIS government, for 28 years. The GOI, whichever political party, is not worth injuring your little finger for. Nor are the people of India who simply wouldn't care for its armed forces. I simply couldn't see reality.

Anil Sinha said...


It is a great source of light , energy & appreciation for an honorable First column of INDIA.

Hope new Governance will restore our balance legitimate pending due.