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1.      The Extraordinary  General Body Meeting of the ‘Retired Defence Officers Association’ (RDOA) was held on 24th April 2016 at 1100 Hrs at DSOI Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi-110010. House assembled at 1030hrs, because of lack of quorum it was adjourned for half an hour and reassembled at 1100hrs.The meeting was attended by 46 officers.

Welcome address by the President RDOA: Lt Col BK Sharma.
2.      Lt Col BK Sharma (Retd), President of RDOA, welcomed all the members to the First EGM of RDOA. He gave an overview  of the important issues taken up by RDOA to include Contempt Petition, Minimum Guaranteed Pension & Broad banding of Disability Pension.
3.      The President informed the members that EGM has been called basically to present and pass the account of FY 2013-2014 & 2014-2015. However points have been called from members for interactive session and elect office bearers i.e Vice President, Joint Secretary and treasurer.   President then read out the membership details of RDOA.
4.         President brought out   to the notice of all members present in the meeting with anguish that  “some members are passing derogatory remarks/using indecent language while sending emails to other members & even to non members doubting the integrity and sincerity of President/Secretary. One of them even sent an email requesting  ”Registrar of Societies” to take action against the office bearers for financial dealings. My humble request to these members is to tell the August House  reasons  for  such  behavior   at this belated stage.  I have the copies of all the emails sent by these members but I do not wish to read out because it may leave a bad taste. My suggestion to annoyed members is kindly   “do not make any false allegation”. The accounts will be placed before the house today, please point out irregularities, if any.  Please refrain from working against the interest of organization.   I  leave  it to house  to judge and decide”.
5.      The President then read out the names of members  who had contributed  to the RDOA corpus fund since Sep 2015.  He   thanked   these members for their whole-hearted support and  then  proceeded with the remaining agenda points.

     Progress  Cases
     6.      President gave the progress and present position of following cases:-
(a)    Contempt Petition
(b)    Minimum Guaranteed Pension
(c)    Broad banding of Disability Pension
(d)    Non Functional Financial Up gradation
       Confirmation of Minutes of the last AGM held on 12th Sep 2015
   7.        The salient points of the meeting of the AGM held on 12th Sep 2015 were      
  read     out to the  members.  There  being no  observation  the  minutes were    
  passed duly proposed by Col VK Sud  (M No. 434) and   seconded  Lt Col RS
  Tripathi (M No. 1567)
       Presentation & Passing of accounts for the FY 2013-14 and FY 2014-15
 8.          The statement of accounts for the period  01 Apr 2013 to 31 March 2014    
 and  01 Apr 2014 to 31  Mar 2015 duly audited by Chartered Accountant were presented to the  members. This was also given as a handout to all the members.  Lt Col VK Ogra pointed out that on 31.3.2014 balance with syndicate bank is shown as  Rs. 9,67,811.79. It being huge amount, member suggested that  liquid cash  should have been invested  in FDR or in any other scheme to fetch more interest.

“President  replied that  7 lakhs  and 5 lakhs were deposited in FDR on 17.4.2014 and 03.09.2014 respectively.”

          9.      Lt Col Paramjit Singh (M No. 174) suggested that audited copies of statement of a/c should have  been put on website/blog or copies sent by post for the information of members in advance so that they come for AGM/EGM after going through the accounts in detail fully prepared with observation. Group Capt BM Karir supported his suggestion.

“President said that the suggestion is well taken. Henceforth it shall be put on website/blog one or  two weeks in advance of AGM.”

10.    There being no observations, the  accounts for FY  2013-14 & 2014-15  were passed being proposed   by Lt Col Rajgopalan Ramamurthy ( M No. 374)  and seconded by Lt Col  VK Ogra (M No. 1274).
     Points from Members
11.      (Maj RP Sehgal,  M No. 2563)  Substantive majors with less than 21 years of service who retired before Dec 1985 seem to have been denied the justified due pension under OROP formula. You won’t find any major with more than 13  years of service now, as all such officers would have  become Lt Col, and would thus draw their pension of that rank. So the matter should be taken up with appropriate authorities that all  majors who had attained substantive rank before retirement pre 1986, should be given the pension of the rank of Lt Col. I am a bonafide member of the RDOA, but am unable to attend the proposed meeting due to family circumstances and my age.

“As per the available information Service HQs have already taken up the issue with MoD. RDOA will also  take appropriate action after detailed discussion.”

12.    (Brig R Vinayak, VSM (Retd) M No. 1695)    I am a member of RDOA and residing in Bhopal.  I would like to suggest that no contribution should be given to any  other ESM Organisation especially IESM since their funds management is suspect and under litigation.
President  read out the relevant portion of rules and regulations i.e 

“It is mandatory on the part of the office bearers and the members of RDOA that the funds/properties of the RDOA shall only be spent/utilised for the uplift and welfare of the RDOA and not for any other purpose.”                       


“Members present in the House agreed that we  must strictly adhere to rules and regulations and no contribution be given go any organisation.”

13.      (Col VK Anand  M No. 980)    I would like to put forward the following points for your kind consideration :-
Point-1Rank Pay Anamoly Case   The founder members were of the strong 
              view that after the Supreme Court Judgment , RDOA Will take up a
              case for Revision / re- fixation of pay scales of Armed Forces Officers
              for the period of 4th , 5th  & 6th  CPC . This point was not discussed
              during last AGM. It will be appropriate to take up this case with the
              Supreme Court.

Point-2  RDOA was formed to contest Rank  Pay  anomaly case  &  since                          
              the point mentioned above is not being Contested, it will be  proper                           
              to wind  Association & transfer the Funds to Prime Minister’s Relief                        
              Fund after auditing of accounts.

Point-3  It is not understood as to why EGM has been convened . AGM could
              have been convened to pass accts. It is pointed out that Accounts for
              the  FY 2013-14 was not presented in the last AGM.

Point-4  There are  three posts of  President ,Secretary & Treasurer. Treasurer
    died four  years ago  but no elections were held.  It is not understood as
    why elections are not held for the post of President & Secretary.
Point wise reply was as under:-   

Point-1  “ He explained to all members present in the house the 4th CPC Rank Pay   case in detail. He said contempt petition did help us in getting the benefit of 5th CPC and told them  the reasons  for disposal of contempt petition. He assured the members that RDOA will take appropriate action at appropriate time”. He further told the house that this was explained/discussed in last AGM held on 12 Sep 2015.

Point-2  Point was left open for discussion during EGM.  House unanimously  rejected the proposal of Col VK Anand.

Point-3  President justified the delay and explained the reasons in not getting the accounts passed in the last AGM. He further  read out the Agenda point 5  of Minutes of AGM held on 12th Sep 2015 which confirm the true efforts made by the management to get the accounts audited and placed for approval now.

Point-4 He again read out the resolution passed by house on 12th Sep 2015.   Members raised their pitch and requested  the President to proceed with the next agenda point.
    Election of Vice President, Joint Secretary and Treasurer
14.    President  told  the  house  that  total  of  five  members  have  sent their
willingness to contest   the election. Col VK Anand & Major AR Ghosh have forwarded   their names for Vice President. Only one member’s name has been received   for Joint Secretary  that of Col Rajiv Kakra. Col Vijay Kumar and Lt Col   Paramjit have given their willingness for Treasurer.  He suggested the name of Col VK Suri as Returning Officer. Col VK Suri accepted the responsibility and sought views of all members  “If  any member has any objection for him being earmarked for the task of  Returning Officer?”  No one 
raised any objection. Returning Officer sought clarification from President on proxy voting.  President clarified  that there is no such provision in the laws. With these clarifications the house gave clearance to the Returning Officer  to proceed to conduct the election. President then requested the contestants to suggest the  name of one more member to assist the RO for conduct of election. Since no name was suggested, Lt Col VK Ogra volunteered for the role.

15.    Lt Col Paramjit Singh who had forwarded  his name for treasurer, withdrew from contesting as treasurer at the last moment. Col VK Suri, Returning Officer then announced that Col Rajiv Kakra stands elected for the post of Joint Secretary and Col Vijay Kumar for the post of Treasurer unopposed. He explained to the members, detailed procedure of conduct of election for the post of Vice President through secret ballot. He then showed the ballot box to both the candidates for the post of Vice President and locked the same in their presence.

16.    Returning Officer  requested the members to cast their vote as  explained. After casting of votes by members was over, Retuning Officer brought the locked ballot box and opened the same in the presence of house and started  counting the votes. Counting was done in the presence of the house. Major AR Ghosh was declared elected for the post of Vice President.


Any other point with permission of the chair

17.    President asked the members if they have any other point. There being no other point from any members.  President thanked all members present in the meeting for  attending the EGM and said “I  trust next  meeting will be without interruption”. House proceeded with the next agenda point.

 Vote of Thanks
18.    There being no other point, the meeting was closed at 1320 hrs with a   
 vote of thanks proposed by Col JD Sharma (M No. 1368) and seconded  by  
 Cdr NK Singla (M No. 3679). This was followed by lunch.     


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