Sunday, July 23, 2017

IA No. 3 of 2016 was filed by Retired Defence Officers Association
in CA 856/2016 for grant of “Rounding Off” of disability pension to all
similarly placed persons. SC bench consisting of Hon’ble Justice Mr
Dipak Mishra and Hon’ble Justice Mr AM Khanwilkar on 06 th July 2017
has permitted RDOA to submit detailed and comprehensive
representation to the competent authority to extend the benefit of
rounding off to similarly placed without getting into litigation.
2. RDOA shall submit the representation to competent authority very
soon. All affected armed forces pensioners are advised to avoid any



B Bareth said...

The judgment dated 06 Jul 17 refers to some Affidavit to be signed. Are we required to send the affidavit to RDOA.
Offrs who have filed the case in AFT but is pending because there is no judge posted in AFT. Since there is no adverse order against such litigants are they to be benefitted by this judgment.

Sudesh Sharma said...

what is the rounding off of disability benefit can you please explain with an example

B Bareth said...

There is no mathematical formula to decide the percentage of disability. A person with a particular ailment can be given 20% disability by one board. Other person with similar ailment can be given 30% by another board. So to standardize this, the broad banding is done ie all persons with 20 to 50 % will be granted 50% disability. More than 50 to 75 will be given 75% and more than 75% will be given 100%. This was there in rules but our great Min of Def was not giving benefit of broad banding which has been now given by Hon SC. It applies to you only if you are in receipt of disability pension.